About Us

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About Ironside

Ironside was founded in 2005 by Bob Miller, who believed there was a smarter and more personal way to help businesses with their IT. After being frustrated with the attitude most IT companies have with their customers, he determined to create a new IT firm that interacts in the way that successful non-technical companies do: with relationships. Born out of that philosophy, all technical staff are hired and trained first with the emphasis on the client - explaining technical details, understanding fears and frustrations, helping find alternatives and productivity enhancers. Our technicians and operation staff are trained with both client relational and technical excellence.

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Our four-fold philosophy shows the emphasis we place on our partnerships with our clients, on technical competence, standards of operation and teamwork.

Client Partnerships


We keep our employees up to date on all the latest technology so that we can speak confidently about what we recommend for your business.

We Know You

We maintain a staff of people whose job is to know you and know you well. This allows a very personal touch. Most IT firms can't do this because they haven't invested the resources into personnel the way that Ironside has!


We intentionally and frequently review our policies and past performance based on the feedback and research. We maintain a continuous cycle of improvement.

We Mold Around You

We specifically tailor our services and relationship around you and the way that your company works. We don't force you into a mold - we let you be who you are!

Team Development

Our hiring process specifically picks individuals who will complement our team and our client base, making for happy employees who take care of clients.

We Appreciate You

We go out of our way to express our appreciation for your business. We do it by not nickeling and diming you, but we also do it by reaching out and genuinely listening to your needs and determining how we can meet them.