Managed IT for Your Business: Finding Solutions Over In-House IT Liabilities

The problem with keeping an in-house IT department on payroll is a major dilemma for some companies today. What makes it problematic is the disparity over not getting technical issues repaired correctly and not wanting to fire your veteran staff. To some companies, these people are family. But why is it becoming such a liability to stick with an in-house IT department today, or to go with an outside vendor that charges a huge chunk of change by the hour?

In the world of managed IT, it’s a completely different story when experience, affordability, and tech support all merge. It’s services we provide here at Ironside IT Partners. How does it stack up against your in-house IT department that you still might want to retain? Below are just a few examples:

The Liabilities of In-House Teams
Today’s IT problems require an extensive amount of field knowledge. If your technician has solely worked for your company, they aren’t going to have the same extensive knowledge and field experience that others may have. With technology, reading about it from a book is never enough; direct experience is always going to be the best option.

Chances are, your in-house IT department has been trying to fix the same problem for months or maybe even years.

Going with an Outside Vendor by the Hour
Out of frustration, perhaps you’ve had to turn to outside IT vendors who charge by the hour. These can lead to just as many problems, mostly in having to lay out a fortune just to get one issue fixed that could have been prevented. These IT teams usually have field experience, though won’t hesitate to charge you the maximum amount, hence making you bleed more money than you wanted.

Moving to Managed IT Services
Here at Ironside IT Partners, our managed IT services let us take over and manage your entire network so you don’t have to take the time to look after it yourself. We’ll monitor your network 24/7 and take care of issues without you having to do anything. At the same time, our goal is to find proactive solutions so we can prevent things from happening in the first place.

This service comes with a fixed rate so you can enjoy the full benefits of IT management without losing money. We’re even willing to work with your in-house team.

Yes, we understand that you may not want to break up your veteran IT staff. We can still work with them and pass on our knowledge from our expansive field experience.

Contact us today so that we can find proactive solutions for your IT department.